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Ed Gaisano

Businessman, Doctor-at-heart

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I am Edward Gaisano, businessman, a doctor at heart.  


I left my profession as a doctor to fulfill my duties in our family business. 


My father was a working man all his life. Seeing him treat our staff as part of the family made me realize how communities play an important role in how we make ourselves.  


All our successes boil down to everyone’s generosity and compassion. 


Together we can make a difference! Join me in helping Filipino communities by donating to this page or email if you want to make an offline donation. 


Your donation will support families in their desire to own dream homes and provide a sustainable livelihood for families in Habitat communities. 



Read more about how Edward Gaisano’s company Metro Retail Stores Group partner with Habitat for Humanity in helping those in need here: 

Habitat Philippines’ 30th anniversary: 

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