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Christian Seso

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I am Christian G. Seso, home partner, engineer, and inspirational speaker.  


My family’s struggle to live in a 5-square-meter home and my father’s job as a construction worker inspired me to study and work as hard as I can to become a civil engineer. 


My parents’ continuous support and advice - as well as Habitat for Humanity and other organizations’ generous efforts  - helped me to become the person that I am today. 


Now that I have my small construction firm, I hope to continue to inspire and help other people as my way of giving back to those who still do not have a decent home. 


Together, we can make a difference! Join me and this cause by donating to my Habitat Fundraising page or email if you want to make an offline donation. 

Your donation will support families in their desire to own dream homes and provide a sustainable livelihood for families in Habitat communities. 



Learn more about Engr. Christian Seso’s Habitat story here

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