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Batam Women Build

Batam Women Build

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We area group of Expats and Indonesians living on Batam Island, Indonesia that sees a substantial need in our community. We believe in adequate housing for all.

In 2014 we were the first group in Batam to complete an "All Women's Build" for Habitat for Humanity. A home creates a feeling of safety and security. Everyone deserves a place to live with electricity, running water, and toilet facilities. Under the Habitat program here in Batam, the chosen families must pass a screening test to become eligible for a home, are given assistance to help secure a home loan, and must put forth sweat equity hours in order to move into the house.

We believe in this opportunity and that we do something small to create affordable housing solutions right here, in our own backyard where the need is OVERWHELMING. By donating to our fund, you will allow our group to build a house for a local family built by our entire team of volunteers, the Habitat team, and the family that will live in the house.



Note: This page has raised 360,192,274.99 IDR over the past years before the website migration early 2017.


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January 01, 2021

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